Our Two Islands Cruise is a full day cruise to Comino Blue Lagoon, St Pauls Island & Caves and is designed for those who´d prefer to spend the maximum amount of time Swimming, Sunbathing, and Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Magical Blue Lagoon

DEPARTURE TIME 10:30 (Make sure you arrive at the jetty no later than 10:00am)
Wifi Tour Guide With Live Commentary
 Snack Bar First Aid
Food is not included in the price but available from our snack bar

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Free Transport is available from Bugibba, Qawra, St Pauls Bay & Xemxija

For group bookings of 10+ Transport can be arranged from all areas

Please Note:

All Cruises May be canceled or altered without notice due to weather conditions, In this case, all cruises will be rescheduled accordingly


Welcome To Mermaid Cruises 



The Boat departs from Bugibba Jetty At 10:30am, (Make sure you arrive at the jetty no later than 10:00am)  Upon departure We Will Give You A Brief Summary Of The Tour before heading to our first destination

L-Ahrax Cave

Visiting This magical cave of Mellieha, Where you are able to See the Beautiful underwater Reef Growing under the clear blue water surrounding the cave And take Pictures. lahrax-5

Elephant Head Rock

An impressive rock formation found on the high cliffs of Comino´s eastern side which resembles an elephant. A natural monument featuring a gigantic head complete with its trunk lowered into the water with the rest of the animals body seemingly carved out of the rock.  maltaelephants_head

Entering Santa Maria Caves

The Santa Maria caves of Comino are some of the most fascinating cave systems in the world, The caves are only reachable by boat. The captain will give you an unforgettable experience as he expertly enters the caves and manoeuvres the boat into a full turn inside the caves like no other, As Mermaid is a smaller boat the entering of the caves is at no extra cost!

Santa Maria Bay Comino

 Santa Maria bay is a small peaceful sandy beach, where you can either swim or snorkel in the shallow clear waters or simply stroll around taking in the breathtaking sights and picturesque views, for those who wish to explore, there is an option of staying at Santa Maria bay and making your own way to meet the boat at the blue lagoon, taking in the beautiful scenery and exploring the nature trail as you go, Its around a 20 minute walk and ideal for photographers and walkers.

Comino Blue Lagoon

Our next stop is the Magical Blue Lagoon (Approx 4hrs) This sheltered inlet is famous for its shimmering aquamarine water over white sand. We moor right in the Blue Lagoon just 3 minutes from the beach, where one has easy access to the crystal clear waters, Your time here can be spent Swimming, Sunbathing, Snorkelling or exploring the island at ones leisure, For those who would prefer some tranquility another option is lounging around on the boat, We have a sundeck and shaded areas with easy accessible ladders into the water making it perfect for taking a dip to cool down, the more daring can jump from the roof of the boat! All the facilities of the boat are readily available during our stay in Comino so you can come and go as you please throughout the day. We have a snack bar onboard that serves hot and cold drinks / snacks at very reasonable prices and toilet facilities 

Gozo Harbour

The first view one gets of Gozo is that of Mgarr Harbour. A scene so beautiful and serene that it is captured by photographers, artists and the many that approach the island from the sea, to be met by a humble harbour that is magical in its simplicity.. (Please note this is a quick stop only to load the passengers from the 3 Islands Cruise)

Crystal Lagoon

Located southeast of Blue Lagoon, In the direction of St Marys Tower, Crystal Lagoon is a beautiful bay fringed by steep cliffs therefor only accessed by boats



Caves of Comino

Visiting / Entering the Caves of Comino including the Giant Octopus Cave, Open Top Face Cave and the Count of Monte Cristo Cave



Santa Maria Tower

Passing by St Mary’s Tower also known as Comino Tower the tower is a prominent landmark of Comino, it is a large bastioned watchtower that was built in 1618 to defend the island of Comino.



Fish Farms (Tuna Pens)

 Sailing by the Maltese Fish Farms, Where you can take pictures of the Tuna Pens



Santa Maria Battery

St Mary’s Battery was built in 1715 to protect the south Comino channel, The Battery was originally armed with two 24-pounder and four 6-pounder iron cannons, it has a single blockhouse where the ammunition was stored but it was abandoned by 1770



St Paul's Island

Are final destination of the day is a 30 minute stop at St Paul’s Island, Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked on an island  while on his way to Rome to face charges, The island was identified as Malta, Traditionally St Paul’s Bay and St Paul’s Island are identified as the location of the shipwreck. In 1844 a prominent statue of St Paul was erected on the island.




 The Mermaid returns to Bugibba Jetty at Approx 6pm